Custom Outsourcing FAQs


What is entailed in the recruiting and hiring process?

We leverage our extensive our extensive internal database and industry contacts to find candidates with the specific skills and experience you require. Our recruiting process includes the following steps:

  • Recruiters familiarize themselves with your requirements, contact potential candidates, review resumes, conduct screening interviews and background checks.
  • Where applicable, candidates complete technical exams.
  • Project team members and/or Team Leads conduct secondary interviews.
  • We conduct several interviews and present for your consideration only those candidates that pass our extensive screening process. You or your delegates will have the opportunity to conduct final interviews and make hiring decisions. Individuals are hired on a probationary basis and reviewed after 60 days.

What type of educational background can I expect?

Significant emphasis is given to academic achievements and areas of study in our recruiting process. Our IT resources have strong backgrounds in computer science, and many have obtained graduate degrees. The same is true in other areas in which we specialize - Finance, Accounting, Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals, with many obtaining additional certifications and professional designations.

The candidate looks good, but needs some additional skills - how can you help?

We will work with you to identify training opportunities and find online or classroom training sessions to help round out an individual's skill set. Additionally, we will seek ways to provide support through Team Leads, Program Managers, and ECLARO staff.

Where are your recruiters located?

Our home office is in New York City, and we have offices across the US and in the Philippines. We're prepared to support clients from any of these locations.

How does ECLARO ensure that I am satisfied with the resources provided?

In addition to providing reports on relevant metrics, we'll meet with you on a regular basis to review performance, discuss requests and any issues that require our attention. Your client success manager is a text, email, or phone call away. We commit to ensuring that you are satisfied with the quality of work performed, and if not, we'll address the situation right away.

I have other questions - who do I contact?

We're looking forward to speaking with you!  Provide us with some preliminary information here and one of our managers will be in touch soon.